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Battlefront Twitch Q&A With Pete And Chris Coming 7th June

Want to know what Battlefront is up to, straight from the designer's mouths? This coming Sunday, you'll have your chance to do just that. Pete and Chris from the company will be over on their Twitch channel taking your questions. Just head over, log in, and let your voice be heard.

From the announcement:

Join us on the Battlefront Miniatures Twitch Channel as we live stream a Q&A with Pete and Chris. The stream will start on Sunday 7th June. Be sure to follow us on our Twitch channel so that you can catch us when we go live.

 Click here to check out the Battlefront Miniatures Twitch page...

 Sunday, 7 June

 1.30pm (PDT) - 4.30pm (EDT) - 9.30pm (BST)