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Battlefront Running 'Nam Sale

Anyone else watching the Ken Burns documentary series about Viet Nam on Netflix? That's what I've been watching most of the week. It's basically a refresher on a Viet Nam history class I had back in my undergrad. Such a complex conflict that you can bring to your tabletops in 'Nam from Battlefront. They're holding a sale now.

From the website:

Operation Hastings took place in late July 1966 in the Song Ngan River Valley. Over the course of three weeks Marine forces would fight a series of close-quarter battles against a stubborn and fanatical enemy, intent on closing with the Marine forces to completely overrun them.

Because of the timing of this week’s article and the actual events of Operation Hastings we’ve decided to hold a sale on part of the ‘Nam range! We are giving 25% off the entire US Marine range, as well as the ARVN range (excludes the Unit Card Packs) for the rest of the month. Now is a great time to begin building a US Marine or ARVN force, so take advantage of the sale and begin building your army now!