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Battlefront Previews Flames of War Late War Journey

World War II went through many distinct phases over the course of the conflict. Equipment and tactics that were used at the start of the war were often radically altered by just a couple years later. As such, it can almost seem like several, smaller, different wars that just happened to follow one after the other. This year, Battlefront will be focusing on the Late War period in Flames of War, and they've put up a timeline of what you can expect.

From the announcement:

The North African campaign has come to a thunderous conclusion as the Afrika Korps is swept aside and scattered to the wind by the Allied forces who now begin their advance up the Boot of Italy. The bloody siege of Stalingrad has been lifted and the German attempts to destroy the Soviet armies at Kursk have left both sides bloodied and battered. To the South, the Italian campaign has ground to a halt; Hitler’s ‘soft underbelly’ has not been pierced. To the East, the front has stagnated; the Red Army has not washed away their German foes. The thousand-year Reich hunkers down like a great beast wounded as the German army and its allies take stock of their position. Despite recent setbacks, along the Europe’s western coast the formidable Atlantic Wall stands as testament to the might of the Third Reich. But plans have been laid to topple that Reich, and as the walls close in, the next hammer blow will come from the west—on the beaches of Normandy… Come June 2019, Battlefront will be bringing Flames Of War Late-War to V4. Beginning in Normandy and the Liberation of France. V4 Late War is a journey we will be on for the next 4 years as we cover the major campaigns of Late War, unveiling the great weapons of war for each book as they appeared on the battlefield and taking players step-by-step through the climactic final stages of the Second World War. Starting at the beginning of 1944 and moving chronologically to the end of the War is a journey, and we want all Flames Of War players to come with us. Although some favourite units will not be released until later in Late War, this gives us all the exciting opportunity to play with units that might be overlooked, and a chance to see gameplay develop with new units appearing with each new book to alter the state of play. We look forward immensely to beginning Late-War with you in June 2019.