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Battlefront Previews Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross Books

Two new books are making their way closer to release for Flames of War. They're Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross. They take players to the Eastern Front of WWII with the Russians and Germans, respectively. They take a look at the different armored and infantry units that are coming in their pages, along with various support pieces. If you want to know what you'll be getting, these articles are not to be missed.

About Enemy at the Gates:

Enemy at the Gates brings the Soviet Army to Flames Of War. As you’d expect, the book has a variety of tank and infantry formations and plenty of interesting support (flamethrower tanks or rocket-firing trucks anyone?).

Phil takes us through Enemy at the Gates and introduces us to the wealth of new units and models that Soviet players will be able to enjoy.


About Iron Cross:

Iron Cross is the next step for the German army in Mid-War as we look towards the Eastern Front. German players will be able to field familiar favorites such as the Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks whilst Iron Cross also introduces Grenadiers and Assault Pioneers allowing you to recreate the intense infantry fights of Stalingrad and beyond.

Join Mike as he takes a look at what is in store for players in Iron Cross.