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Battlefront Posts Tanks: The Modern Age Preview

Battlefront's popular Tanks game lets players command rolling behemoths of steel and oil across battlefields, trying to take out their opponent. The original relases focused on WWII, but now, WWIII is going to be rolled into the mix. Battlefront is bringing the Team Yankee gear into Tanks, and you can get a first preview in this article.

From the post:

TANKS: The Modern Age puts you in command of your own tank platoon fighting in the fictional World War III. A slight twist to history, this game lets you re-enact the possible battles that could have accrued if the cold war ever went hot. You can play as British forces holding the line in Hannover to the Soviet forces invading Denmark. The war for Germany and Europe is upon us, how will you engage the enemy, will you hit them head on and match steel with steel? or will you choose to use manoeuvre and tactics to overcome superior armour? 

Your platoon is fully customisable, you get to choose what nation you want to play, you get to pick what models you want to run in your platoon, what upgrades your platoon needs, and which heroes you will enlist to help you win the day. What is your play style? Will you go with a tank swarm with no upgrades or heroes just to get the superior numbers? Or do you want to fully load one of your nation’s best tanks with the best crew and upgrades you can find and use one super tank to take on your foes? In TANKS: The Modern Age you can do whatever you want, and with our dynamic pointing system you and your opponent can easily build lists and have fun balanced games against each other.

TANKS games are easy-to-learn, quick-play and small-scale so you can play almost anywhere. Just grab a good friend and the TANKS Starter Set and you have everything you need to get started. Turns are simple, you move your Models, you shoot, and then you complete a command step, meaning you will spend less time in the rule book and more time playing the game.