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Battlefront Posts Rules For T-62M Tank In Team Yankee

The folks over at Battlefront are working on the next expansion for Team Yankee. It's called Oil Wars, and it'll be getting its own batch of previews and such soon. One bit of rules that we know will be in there are those for the T-62M tank. However, you can already get this mean machine. As such, Battlefront's posted up the rules for using it in games now so you don't have to wait.

From the post:

We’ve noticed many of you excitedly building the new Fate Of A Nation T-62 tanks as the Soviet T-62M (not that we can blame you, they look great). The full rules for fielding the Soviet T-62M is coming in our next Team Yankee book Oil Wars, but for those of you keen to get a head start we thought we would share the Formation and Unit Card information with you.

A T-62M Tank Battalion can be taken in any Soviet Force from Red Thunder instead of any other Soviet Tank Battalion Formation available in a Soviet Force.

The T-62 tank underwent a number of upgrades in its long service life. It's modernisation program started in 1972 with the mounting of a 12.7mm DShK machine-gun on the loader’s hatch for anti-helicopter fire. It was fitted with a laser rangefinder in 1975.

The Volna fire control system included laser rangefinder in an armoured box over the main gun, a new gunner’s sight, new commander’s sight, new stabiliser, and a new ballistic computer. The T-62M could also fire the 9M117 Bastion (AT-10 Stabber) guided missile through its 115mm smoothbore gun. The tank was fitted with a 1K13-BOM night and ATGM launcher sight. However, it could not be used for both functions simultaneously. The tank was fitted with a gun thermal sleeve, new radios, and a new V-55U diesel engine developing 620 hp (462 kW).