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Battlefront Posts New Soviet Tanks Preview

The Soviets are coming!

The Soviets are coming!

Battlefront is bringing new Soviet tanks to their Tanks miniatures game. But they want to make sure you know what you're getting before you get it. They've put up a series of preview articles of different tanks, along with some upgrades that you can use to customize your forces.

From the website:

Soviet players in TANKS have been waiting for a while for something new to hit the battlefield but we have some awesome new options in these upcoming releases. Today we are previewing the T-34 (Early) alongside the KV-1 and KV-1s. These formidable tanks will be making a big splash in your games with the KV-1 having some of the toughest armour a Soviet player can field.

Lend Lease Support - Soviet Tanks Preview     

The Soviet Union received tanks from the Allies via the lend lease program with the Britain and Canada shipping Valentines and the Americans the M3 Lee and M3 Stuart. Today we take a look at these tanks that Soviet players can field to halt the German war machine.

Soviet Guards - Soviet Tanks Preview

Our Soviet TANKS players are getting some new tanks to hit the battlefield. From the mighty KV-1 Soviet tank to the lend lease tanks from the Allies. To go with these new tank options Soviet players will also have access to a unique set of “Guard” cards that synergise and get better as they fight with other tanks with “Guard” upgrades.