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Battlefront Posts Live Chat Q&A Video

Want to know what Battlefront is up to during these strange times? Want to get your information straight from the top? Want to make sure it's directly from them? You're in luck. They've posted up a video from a Q&A session they recently did. Find out what's going on with the games you love.

From the announcement:

Battlefront Live Q&A Twitch Stream

Did you catch our Live Stream on Twitch with Peter (Battlefront Chairman) and Chris (Studio Manager)? It was great to have so many people come by and ask us questions and hopefully we answered most of them (there were a lot!). Don't worry if we didn't as this is just the first of our planned streams so watch out for more.

We covered; what is happening to the business at the moment, is the release schedule delayed, along with a whole lot of spoilers about upcoming books!

If you did miss it, then don't worry, we have it on YouTube for you to check out.