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Battlefront Features the Red Devils For Flames of War

I've got a psychobilly playlist going on while I am typing up these posts, and that means a lot of Reverend Horton Heat. One character that shows up a lot in his music is the devil. The devil is also showing up as the name of the British airborne troops from the middle of WWII. They're getting their own book featuring them in Flames of War, and Battlefront has a look inside.

From the article:

When the planning began for D-Day: British we knew we were going to include the British airborne forces. This also gave us an opportunity also begin looking at them for Mid-war, focusing on their early actions in Tunisia and Italy, and so Red Devils was born.

Like the All American booklet also covers the Rangers, we also choose to include the Commandos in Red Devils, as well as all the Unit Cards and Command Cards to use with these forces.