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Battlefront Features 2-Player Starter For Team Yankee

People that know me know that I love 2-player starter sets for games. For one (usually discounted) price, you and your buddy can get into a game and have pretty much everything you need to get going ASAP in the game. It was a 2-player starter that got me into minis gaming to begin with. And if you're interested in Team Yankee, there's a 2-player starter for that game, too.

From the website:

This box contains two forces, and everything you need to start playing World War III: Team Yankee

 World War III- The Complete Starter Set Contains: 

  • Three Abrams Tanks
  • Two Bradley Scouts
  • Two M60 Patton Tanks
  • Four T-80 Tanks
  • Three T-64 Tanks
  • Two BMP-3 Scouts
  • Four Decal Sheets
  • One Complete A5 Rulebook,
  • One Quick Start Guide
  • Eleven Unit Cards
  • Twenty Dice (Two Sets)