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Battlefront Brings Helicopters to Tanks

I know, that sounds like a weird headline. Battlefront is bringing helicopters into their popular tabletop miniatures game, Tanks. Hence, "Battlefront Brings Helicopters to Tanks." Take to the skies with these tanks of the air, and rain death down upon your enemies with this new expansion.

From the announcement:

TANKS: The Modern Age brings the popular armoured combat game out of the battlefields of World War II and forward to today. In this fast-paced game, you can field everything from the trusty Abrams tank to the mighty Leopard. It wouldn’t be a modern battlefield without Helicopters however and in TANKS, these fast moving and hard-hitting assets can be the difference between victory and defeat. Flying High or Low To represent their speed and agility, Helicopters have some slightly different movement and initiative rules allowing them greater flexibility. First up, they have the ability to fly high above the terrain picking and choosing their targets from anywhere on the battlefield, although this is at the expense of their own safety. Alternatively, they can duck down, flying in the weeds where it is safer, and hunt their prey one-on-one. With their ability to quickly move around the battlefield Helicopters move after Tanks, allowing them to more easily pick and choose their targets whilst minimising ground fire.