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Battlefront Announces Command Cards For Flames of War

Battlefront is looking to add to Flames of War via what they're calling "quality of life upgrades." The first of these is the addition of Command Cards. They open up all sorts of new customization and specialization options for your builds, making games more fun and unique.

From the announcement:

Over the coming weeks we have a series of “quality of life” upgrades planned to further enhance Forces Of War. This week we are adding Command Cards! These will be accessible via a button at the bottom of Formation page, underneath Allied Support.

Command Cards are priced at USD$3 per digital pack and this will open up all Command Cards including Unit and Formation Build cards. We’ve also added the 90th Light Formation to the DAK forces, as well as the Diana and 7.62cm Tank-Hunter Platoon to the Support options.

Moving forward we are planning on making some further enhancements to the Command Card section to make it easier to choose the right card for your units. Right now, you need to go into a card to remind yourself of what it is, but we are investigating options to make this simpler. We will also be replacing the “Return to Formation” button (inside the Command Cards section) with a “Return to Cards” button, just to make navigation a little more intuitive.

We will also be adding a text box to the platoons (and Command Cards) should you need to make notes about the unit. This will appear on your PDF so that you can check these notes in-game.