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Battleforces Available to Pre-Order From Games Workshop

Looking to get into a new game or a new faction of your current game? And those games are Age of Sigmar and/or 40k? Then you'll want to check out the new Battleforce bundles that Games Workshop has up on their website. It's an entire army in one purchase.

From the announcement:

O come all ye (Emperor’s) faithful, for this week’s pre-orders are all about Battleforces. Whether you’re looking to start a brand new army or want to take the next step with your current force, there’s a box to suit everyone – and they also make a cracking festive gift for the other Warhammer fans in your life.

And for the discerning Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game fan, an entire Rohan Stronghold has been packed into a single box.

For those making secret Christmas plans, don’t forget to consult Da Red Gobbo’s chart of final shipping dates for the holidays to make sure you don’t order too late.