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BattleTech: Battlefield Support Deck Now Available

BattleTech post for you, but not really a giant robot alert. It's Giant Robot Adjacent, though. Catalyst Game Labs has released their Battlefield Support Deck for the game, bringing in all the other sorts of vehicles, troops, and other items that make the BattleMechs just that much more deadly.

From the announcement:

BattleMechs are the kings of the battlefield. But expert use of support elements–artillery, minefields, and aerospace fighter runs–can tip the balance of battle towards victory!

This 55-card Battlefield Support Deck makes using the sleek Battlefield Support rules from the BattleMech Manual even easier. Choose the size of your conflict, select cads to represent the support you’ll bring to the battlefield, and you’re ready for a game. Unleash your cards at critical moments to help your ’Mechs defeat your opponent!