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Battle of the Bards Card Game Relaunches on Kickstarter

Green Day - Time of Your Life. Type O Negative - Too Late/Frozen.

What do these songs have in common? They didn't get it right on the first take. Battle of the Bards didn't get it quite right on the first take, either. But that's ok. This second one is much, much better. They've relaunched on Kickstarter and are already over their funding goal.

Also: I SERIOUSLY want that badger artwork from the cover photo as a tattoo, bucause it's amazing.

From the campaign:

Battle of the Bards is a competitive 2 to 4 player dice rolling game with aspects of deck-building. Throughout the game players manage a troupe of bards trying to capture the audiences as they travel throughout the Taverns of Tessandor for the annual performance competition. 

Each round, players will have three of their bards take the stage. A fourth bard will take a supporting roll while it remains in your hand. These bards will provide the player with additional dice, and will have a large variety of special abilities that can be used in many strategic ways. 

Players will also create performances, reroll dice,  capture audiences and hire (and fire) bards in their troupe. Each captured audience provides victory points and a passive bonus.  The game ends with a special Encore round where each player’s most heart-melting face-melting bards will return to the stage once more to gain additional points.

I designed Battle of the Bards with these three principles in mind:

  • Roll LOTS of dice, and have plenty of ways to spend them.
  • Players will need to use their resources strategically to solve the 'puzzle' of their turn.
  • Resonate with the rock vibes of your bards’ soulful tunes down to your very core.

As I mentioned, the game's over its funding goal already with 29 days left to go.