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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Board Game Season 3 and RPG Up On Kickstarter

"I'm Batman!" Well, I mean, I'm really not. But I could be if I played Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. Monolith is running a Kickstarter campaign that not only brings you Season 3 of the board game, but an officially-licensed RPG also based on the caped crusader and his rogues gallery.

From the campaign:

This role-playing game will enable you to play a whole range of famous and unknown characters from the comics, films, series, or your own imagination. 

Whether you and your friends choose an atmosphere of action, investigation, adventure, or suspense, Gotham City will be waiting with its avenues, skyscrapers, subterranean tunnels, criminal world, secrets, magic, and incomparable ambience, which is the result of 80 years of creations since the Dark Knight first appeared.

Aside from the role-playing game, this third season develops the Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles board game with a solo and a cooperative mode enabling you to play all your existing adventures, a gripping extension with a campaign mode and magnificent figurines, a box containing aid sheets tailored to each Hero, and revised rulebooks and additional game aids – along with a few surprises. 

The original game will also be available once again as part of this campaign, accompanied by revised rulebooks thanks to the work of Paul Grogan from the Gaming Rules! channel.

The campaign's over 3x funded with 16 days left to go.