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Base Roll Baseball Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Baseball. It's the American Pastime. It's a fun game to play. But... I mean... have you been outside? It's hot and the sun gets in your eyes and... bleh. Best to just stay inside and play Base Roll. It's a new cards and dice baseball game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Base Roll is a baseball dice and card game created by Diletostra Games and designed by John Pelico III,

There are three levels of gameplay: Rookie, Professional, and All-Star. The Rookie level is the basic level using only dice and limited card use, while the other two levels add more cards, which add levels of strategy. This game will teach you the game of baseball as you play. If you don't know baseball, it's still easy to learn Base Roll.

Each team uses three dice to roll combinations that move their players around four bases to score points. Using your dice and cards, you can affect rolls and block potential base hits, bunts, and even home runs.

The game of baseball is fun when you know how it is played; those that love the game will appreciate this one and those that don't will learn to. Base Roll appeals to both the casual gamer and the avid gamer because of strategy involving the cards and dice rules. Dice are fun, cards are fun, baseball is fun, combining them is fun. Play it until you fall asleep playing it so much.

I'm seeking $5,000 which will help having foundation to start with. This will cover the game box, board, player and action cards, and shipping costs. The remaining funds will go toward dice, scorecards, markers, marketing initiatives, and additional necessities.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 37 days.