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Bad Roll Games Taking Pre-Orders For Punkapocalyptic Starter Set

Bad Roll Games has started taking pre-orders for their new Punkapocalyptic 2-player starter set. Longtime readers know that I love 2-player starters, since you and a friend can go in on a game and get playing right away with it. So, if you want to check out some wasteland, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi minis action, head over and take a look.

From the announcement:

It’s here, children of the Wasteland.

From today until April 21st you can get the starter set of Punkapocalyptic in pre-order. To everyone who acquires it by this method, either in our online store or in a local store, we will add an extra and free miniature of a Mutard that already exists in our catalog (at random). Also, remember that for its amount (€ 79.95) you already have free shipping costs.