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Backerkit Open For Shadows of Esteren: Melwan & other Gothic Tales

Sometimes, you miss out on a Kickstarter campaign. It can be a real bummer if it's something you'd wanted to get, but just didn't have the funds at the time, or it somehow went by you without you seeing it, or a dozen other reasons. Thankfully, there's late pledges that you can usually jump in on. If you missed out on the last Shadows of Esteren Kickstarter, but you want to get some of those cool books at special prices, now's your chance, as the Backerkit late pledge is open now.

From the website:

Discover four new releases for Shadows of Esteren;

■ Melwan sourcebook focused on the Vale of Melwan
■ Adeliane, our fourth album recorded by the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra
■ Yldiane, our first graphic novel in a limited edition (full color, 16 art prints, by Manu Roudier & Nel)
■ Side Path, a 230 pages gamebook starring Yldiane in her journey through Tri-Kazel (pocket book).