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B Movies Party Game Up On Kickstarter

I'm sure over the past month, many of you have watched various B movies. They're just fun in how campy they are. And there's those that love to watch them year-round. Soon, you could bring them to your tabletops as well in B Movies, a new party card game that's up on Kickstarter now that puts you in the director's chair of your own schlock classic.

From the campaign:

Kolossal Games is proud to present B Movies. B Movies is a highly thematic party game drawing inspiration from the classic low budget sci-fi films. With its unique art style, variable ways to play, and engaging gameplay, B Movies brings everyone to the table. Is your script good enough to become a cult classic?

Dive into the hilarious universe of low-budget science-fiction and horror movies. The unique artwork from Pixel Vengeur and MO/CDM creates a retro atmosphere from the moment you open the VHS like the game box! 

From Ghost Piranhas in Space to Time Travelling Brain Collectors, create your very own B Movie scenario!

The campaign's about 3/4 of the way to funding with 8 days left to go.