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Azul: Summer Pavilion Now Available

A new game in the Azul family is now available from Next Move Games. It's Azul: Summer Pavilion and it sees players looking to decorate the titular Summer Pavilion with gorgeous tilework. Draft the tiles you want to add to your pattern. Get the most complete works and score big points. You can pick up your copy now (wherever you might be able to find it, that is. It's selling out fast everywhere).

From the website:

In Azul: Summer Pavilion players are tasked to tile the floors of King Manual’s Summer Pavilion – a building intended to honor prestigious members of Portugal’s royal family. Fans will immediately recognize the core Azul style drafting but will be intrigued by the new scoring mechanisms based on set collection and pattern building. Players will also appreciate the new style tiles found in the box – elongated diamonds and stunning player and scoring boards. Azul: Summer Pavilion is a feast for the mind and eyes!

Designed by the world famous, Michael Kiesling and illustrated by acclaimed artist, Chris Quilliams, Azul: Summer Pavilion invites fans of the Azul to return to Portugal. Azul: Summer Pavilion was designed for artisans aged 8 and older. While building the Summer Pavilion would have taken years to do, a game of Azul: Summer Pavilion typically takes about 30 – 45 minutes.