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Awaken Realms Launches Great Wall Board Game Kickstarter

The Great Wall of China. It was created to protect China's northern border from invasion. However, the wall alone was not enough to keep the enemy out. It took the work of generals commanding their troops up and down the wall. That's where you come in. Awaken Realms has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Great Wall, a new worker placement board game.

From the campaign:

The Great Wall is a new major board game from Awaken Realms (creators of Nemesis, Tainted Grail, Etherfields, and many other acclaimed products) and our fresh take on Euro / Worker placement type of Board Games! 

Players will take the roles of generals of an ancient Chinese empire who lead the defense against ruthless hordes. You will need to gather allied advisors, manage your workers, recruit armies and, together with other players, raise and defend the Great Wall! As the game progresses, you will often need to negotiate and interact with other players, but make no mistake – there can be only one winner

The campaign's more than 12x funded already with 20 days left to go.


  drew at Nov-26 19
Awakened Realms really have followed the CMON formula for Kickstarting games. This one promises to be massive, just like the last one, and the one before that.
  Marcus at Nov-27 19
Do you think Kickstarters are the way of the future for established companies? When you have resources from previous games, why do you think Kickstarters are working for CMON and Awakened Realms?