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Avatars of War Releases Midwife of Pestilence Miniature

I feel like there's a bunch of "Yo momma" jokes that could go with this figure, but that'd be mean, so I'll avoid them all. Instead, I'll simply say that the new Midwife of Pestilence figure is now available from Avatars of War. Mostly, it just reminds me that I need to wash my hands again.

From the announcement:

A new AoW miniature has just been released!

 The Midwives of Pestilence are in charge preparing the way for all kinds of spawns and offspring of the Pestilence to the physical world.

These Demons ensure that the Portals of Conception are always open and in good condition, and will accompany the "newborns" once they arrive in our world through these ill portals.

 Follow the link for more info and 360º view of this new miniature