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Ausonia Deck-Building Game Up On Kickstarter

I remember it was at Gen Con seemingly a hundred years ago that I played my first ever of these then-new-fangled "deck building games." I was instantly hooked. However, over the years, many of them got a little... same-y. Well, Ausonia looks to shake things up as a "next-generation deckbuilding game." It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Similar to other deckbuilders, in Ausonia you are trying to improve your initially weak starter deck by purchasing new and more powerful cards. The various cards present options for numerous playing styles. By choosing wisely, you can create well-working combos that boost your influence.   

Ausonia is a next-generation deckbuilder that mixes traditional and innovative mechanics, such as a new resource system. 

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 28 days to go.