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Augusta Universalis Quickstart Guide Posted

Acchiappasogni will be running a Kickstarter campaign for their RPG, Augusta Universalis, starting next month. But they don't want you going in blind. They've posted up a Quickstart guide for the setting that you can download for free and check it out for yourself.

From the website:

Augusta Universalis is a Uchronic Role Game of Humanity and Empires beyond the Stars. Published by Acchiappasogni, written by Marzio Morganti and illustrated by Fabio Porfidia and Gaetano Carlucci. The project will be live on KICKSTARTER on APRIL 15, 2019! By participating, you are entitled to receive a flood of exclusive contents that will never be published again.

Augusta Universalis is based on the Destino Oscuro 2.0 RPG engine, like our The Nights of Nibiru! A rapid and mechanically playful system, but capable of pushing a lot a player’s feeling of identification with his Player Character, the description of one's actions and the narration.

This PDF is the Quick Guide to Augusta Universalis, a very useful document to start playing right away with your friends!

Here's what you'll find in this Quick Guide:

  • A brief introduction to the setting;
  • A brief introduction to the game system, also useful as a quick reference during the game;
  • Numerous Emblems, to be printed and always kept at the center of the gaming table, to always have everything under control!
  • Annihilation: a brief complete adventure in the world of Augusta Universalis;
  • Blank Character sheets, Tabula Systemis and Systemata Cards, ready to print, both in full graphics and printer friendly versions;
  • Caio Valerio, a complete Character for Augusta Universalis;