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Atomic Mass Games Previews Stat Cards In Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games is bringing a new superhero miniatures game to your tabletops with Marvel: Crisis Protocol. But how will different characters work? You might've seen a stat card, but what do the numbers and symbols mean? In this preview, we get a look at exactly that.

From the post:

Greetings! And thanks for joining us again for another Atomic Mass transmission. We’re at part four of this series going over a basic introduction to Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Our last couple of segments have had us look at two different characters and how we translated their personalities and abilities into the game. Today, we broaden our view and look at what a general character’s stat card looks like, how to read it, and most importantly, what it all means when playing Crisis Protocol!

Each character miniature comes with an accompanying card that lists all of the information (known as stats) you need to know about the character in order to use it during play.

Character stats are broken down in simple ways.