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Astro Trash Now Available From USAopoly

Every time we blast something off into space, it leaves a little bit of junk behind. This has accumulated over time and we're actually surrounded by a cloud of astro trash. Speaking of, getting rid of it is your goal in Astro Trash, a new board game now available from USAopoly.

From the release:

“1, 2, 3… Ditch it!

Prepare for this rallying call to launch you and a few other environmental do-gooders on a fun and frantic mission at warp speed! Join the race to declutter your planet by reporting to the tabletop with Astro Trash, a new original, non-stop dice-rolling game by The OP!

Thanks to a sanitation spacecraft gone haywire, a collection of debris has been released into the vast universe, covering once inhabitable worlds with disruptive litter! Cleaning up all the Astro Trashcalls for one quick-acting champion to literally take the matter into his or her own hands.

Free-floating, colorful pieces of trash must be displaced from your player mat to either be incinerated by the Sun, or disposed of by another player. Mind only what’s directly in front of you, and the results of three dice: one with directions, another with color/shapes, and the third with a number.