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Astral Logic Games Running Trilogy Game Kickstarter

It's three, three, three Kickstarters in one! Astral Logic Games has launched a campaign to get a trio of games created. They're War Hounds, Dragonbrood, and Shaman. Each has their own style and play and you can pledge for one, two, or three of the games for a special price.

From the campaign:

Astral Logic Games presents three very different big box euros in one campaign.

        -WAR HOUNDS, the asymmetric combat game

        -DRAGONBROOD, the worker placement game

        -SHAMAN, the 4X civilization building game

All three games can be played by 1 to 6 players in as little time as an hour in the short modes or can span up to 3+ hours in the extended modes.

Backers may choose one, two or all three games.

The campaign is up and running now with 21 days to go.