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Assault Publishing Releases Shadows in the Void Rulebook as Free Download

I always think it's cool when a company has the rules for their game available to the public. I realize the need to make money on a rulebook, but I also love trying before I buy. The folks over at Assault Publishing have decided to release the rules for their Shadows in the Void sci-fi ship combat game as a free pdf download over on their website. If you've been wanting to check them out, now's your chance.

From the announcement:

As announced on Assault Publishing Studio profile, today I have a birthday today and I have a special gift for you!

It's about 1000 hours of work within more than two years, huge investment of resources and a band of fine people, who contributed their talents to the project. It is the last game I had published before I decided to go out the wargaming business and turned Assault Publishing into non-commercial studio.

Probably you guessed right - Shadows in the Void! Yes, you can download the complete version of the rulebook and enjoy it with the friends!
If you like it you can also buy a paper version from Pico Armor or from me directly (it includes all colour counter printed) as there are some stocks left. Pico Armor and me stock also fine dedicated 3mm miniatures in really good prices and I encourage to look at it!