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Assault Publishing Previews PMC 2670

Assault Publishing is pushing ahead their PMC 2640 game world with a new game. It's PMC 2670, and as one can assume from the title, it's moving the storyline of everything ahead 30 years. There's new units, new mechanics, new bits of everything. Even the starts of tie-ins with Shadows in the Void. Assault Publishing has posted up a rundown of what you can expect.

From the post:

Nearly 6 years ago, we have boldly released PMC 2640, which successfully found its place on crowded 15mm sci-fi wargames market. Now, it’s high time to leap forward!

In the last few months, we have worked hard on PMC 2670, which is much more than just a new edition of the game! As you can probably guess, the action takes place 30 years later in the same dirty, gloomy PMC-verse – but it’s also indirectly connected to Shadows in the Void, which takes place much later in the same timeline. The story was moved forward: humanity developed new technologies and improved older ones, encountered an alien threat (or rather the aliens encountered a human threat…) and made the galaxy an even more turbulent place.