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Arkadia: The Mythic Greek Setting for 5e Up On Kickstarter

It's sometimes hard to separate out fantasy Ancient Greece with actual Ancient Greece. The stories and mythology of that region are so ingrained in our knowledge of the land. Gorgons, Cyclopses, Hydras, Minotaurs, and more give the land an otherworldly feel. Arkadia is a new setting book for 5th Edition that brings your characters to that heroic time and place. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Arkadia is an all new, original setting, exclusively for the 5th edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game, inspired by the history and legends of ancient Greece. Arkadia is a game of heroic adventure in a world of monsters and myth.

The hardcover book will be a combined Setting and Player's Handbook, totaling over 150 pages of original content and beautiful full color art.

The setting details a fully realized Greek world rich with diverse gods, ancient cities and vast wilds filled with crumbling ruins and an all new take on classical monsters.

The Player's Handbook is packed with information for the DM and their players, including everything you need to make characters and adventure in the world of Arkadia.

Races and Subraces: Play as one of the many unique races of Arkadia, like the the phaedran, born of fae blood, who manifest the features of their satyr, siren, harpy or even gorgon lineage.

Class Archetypes: Twelve new class archetypes, one for each class. Play as the Path of the Hero barbarian, based on the myths of Hercules, famed across the land for feats of strength. Be a Sentinel ranger, unsurpassed with a bow, drawing on Artemis and the Amazons of legend, or a College of the Muse bard, inspired by Orpheus and Pan, whose lyre or pipes could charm even a siren, and many more.

Backgrounds: New character backgrounds to tie your character to the setting. Are you an Ithean explorer, whose oared ship seeks the forgotten magics of fallen civilizations? A Cryxian priest, placing coins on the eyes of the dead? Or perhaps you are a dark elf from cursed Nys, the lost kingdom buried in sand and time across the sea.

Feats: Over 20 new character feats such as weapon feats for Greek inspired fighting styles -- battle like a Krytan hoplite cloaked in red with spear and shield, or wield the trident and net of an orc gladiator, spilling blood on the sand of a decadent arena in lavish Illyria. There are also racial feats for each of our Arkadian races, allowing you to become a paragon among mortals. Claim the powers of your bloodline as a Scyllean elf, famed for their gift of prophecy, or as an orc, tap into the giant's blood that once flowed through your ancestors' veins. 

Items & Equipment: New tables of bronze age equipment, weapons and heroic armor, custom starting gear and packs, ancient treasure and new currencies.

Monsters & Villains: Dozens of new monsters and villains inspired by classic Greek mythology, like gorgons, minotaur, and hydra as well as the Titan bound dark elves of Nys and enthralled cultists of Psysseria, based on Ancient Egyptians and the Persian Empire.

Gods and Cities: A rich pantheon of Greek inspired gods, tied to the classes, races and cities of the world. Crippled Eberos is father to dwarves pouring molten bronze in his volcanic forge. Oreya is the huntress, she who rules over the wild places, her Amazonian elves protecting those in need. Some, known as warlocks, are bound in service to the Titans, evil gods that encroach at the borders of Arkadia.

The campaign is already up and over its funding goal with still 29 days left to go.