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Ares Games to Distribute Lex Arcana and Brancalonia in English

While the English-speaking world is a big portion of the gaming world, it's not all of it, and many games are released in languages other than English. So, when you want to get your game on and you only speak English, you're out of luck, right? Well, if you're looking to get Lex Arcana and Brancalonia, you've been saved by Ares Games.

From the article:

Ares Games announces new distribution partnerships with two Italian RPG publishers Quality Games and Acheron Books, to bring their successfully crowdfunded roleplaying games “Lex Arcana” and “Brancalonia” to a broader audience in the US and other English-language markets.

Lex Arcana, published by Quality Games, is an alternate history roleplaying game set in a roman empire which did not fall, thanks to the use of magic. The game is the second edition of the most famous Italian RPG of the 90’s, co-designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, designers of The One Ring RPG and Zombicide RPG. It was successfully launched on Kickstarter in October 2018 and it is now shipping to backers.

Brancalonia, by Acheron Books, is an innovative “spaghetti fantasy” RPG setting for 5th Edition, recently funded on Kickstarter and expected to deliver to backers in January 2021, with a unique blend of pop-culture and historical references, creating a roguish world of high adventure.

Ares will distribute these games and their supplements after backers’ fulfillment will be completed.