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Ares Games to Distribute Asyncron Games

Getting your games to a different market that you're not a part of can be tough. Thankfully, many game companies are happy to help distribute your game in other parts of the world an in other languages. For example, Ares Games will be distributing English editions of Asyncron's games for a North American audience.

From the announcement:

Ares Games and ASYNCRON games announce a new agreement for the distribution of the English edition of ASYNCRON board games in North America and additional territories worldwide. It’s a new step for the partnership among the two companies - ASYNCRON is the distributor of the French edition of WW2 Quartermaster General, WW2 Wings of Glory Battle of Britain and Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles, by Ares Games.

The first ASYNCRON game to be distributed by Ares will be FIEF France, a diplomacy and strategy game for 3 to 6 players aged 14 and over. The English version will release to retail in May 2021.

FIEF France is a new edition of FIEF, a game of strategic conquest that simulates a military, economic, and political fight between several lords in the Middle Ages, first published in the 80’s and with a long and successful publishing history. Players assume the roles of nobles in the 15th century kingdom of France. Each player strives to become the most powerful ruling force in the kingdom by gaining control of Fief and Bishopric territories. In turn, they acquire Royal and Ecclesiastical (church) titles which give their families influence to elect the next Pope and King. Players strengthen their positions by negotiating marriage alliances between their families, setting the stage for love, treachery, and deception.

This new edition includes a new board representing the kingdom of France, and new rules with the appearance of harbor cities and naval movements.