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Ares Games Announces King & Assassins Deluxe Edition and Hard City Releasing June 5th

With different companies doing their best to reopen while still keeping their workers safe during the pandemic, several have started to be able to announce new releases. In this case, it's Ares Games who's happy to say that their upcoming releases for both King & Assassins Deluxe Edition and Hard City will be available in just a couple weeks, hitting store shelves June 5th.

From the article:

King & Assassins: Deluxe Edition is a refreshed and streamlined edition of the asymmetrical fantasy game of strategy and deception for two players, designed by Lukasz Wosniak and originally published in 2013. This new version features a bigger box, larger, double-sided board with new, stunning artwork of a medieval city, and a set of 23 masterfully sculpted miniatures in 15 varieties.

Hard City is a “one vs All” game in which one player takes the role of the evil mastermind Doctor Zero, while all the other players become brave Officers of the Hard City Police Department. The game also include rules for solo play. The game is divided into episodes that form a full story of a struggle between the officers and the evil mastermind, with a mechanism of cutscenes and characters representing a whole array of pop culture archetypes, known to every movie geek.