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Arcs Sci-fi Board Game Up On Kickstarter

An empire is dying. A blight is spreading fast. From the makers of Root and Oath, Arcs brings you out to the edges of known space. How will you fare? This new board game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Arcs is a fast-playing science fiction game from Cole Wehrle, Kyle Ferrin, and the award-winning team that brought you Root and Oath. The game opens in the final days of a decaying empire. A fearsome blight has overwhelmed the outer systems. As the last imperial regents, players must balance their duty to an ancient order against their own ambitions. Will you find opportunity in this crisis?


Building on the conventions of trick-taking games, Arcs emphasizes both careful planning and daring gambits. Each round, the lead player sets the agenda by playing a card. Other players can follow it by playing a card of the same suit and higher number, copy it by playing any card facedown, or pivot to a new tactic by playing off-suit.

Following suit maximizes your actions and might make you the lead player, but copying and pivoting let you respond to immediate opportunities and threats. And if you truly need to become the lead player no matter what, you can always discard a second card to seize the initiative!

The campaign's making its way to 8x funded with 20 days to go.