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Arcane Wonders Seeks Playtesters

Arcane Wonders is looking for a few, good gamers to help them make sure that their products are everything that they can be. They're looking for playtesters now. Just join up on their Discord server and you could be picked. Head through and find out how.

From the announcement:

Do you like trying out new games before they are available?

Hi Folks!

We have just updated our process for becoming an official playtester for Arcane Wonders and we wanted to share this with you as we currently have spots available for playtesting new and upcoming titles from Arcane Wonders.

After our successful (and nearing completion) playtesting of the upcoming expansion for RWBY: Combat Ready bringing team JNPR to the game we decided to expand the Playtest Program out to other projects we have in the works.

Currently we are in open playtesting for the following projects:

•   Air, Land & Sea Expansion: Spies, Lies & Supplies

•   Onitama Legends

How do you join our Playtesting Team? Glad you asked!

The first step is to join our Discord if you haven't aready which you can do HERE.

You will need to read the Welcome Information and click on the Dragon emoji to be granted Member Access.

This will open up most of the server to you. From here you will want to scroll to the Playtesting Channel. There you will find a channel channel called want-to-playtest which will will give you the first steps.

The next step, as outlined in the message, is to type the following into the chat:

!playtest youremailaddress (example: !playtest

Your message will instantly disappear from the chat. Don't panic - this is normal and expected. This is a public channel for all our members and we don't want your personal email address exposed for everyone to see.

This message will trigger our bots to get to work! Within 15 minutes you will receive and email from our automated system with an Arcane Wonders Playtester Agreement to sign digitally.

An important note here. When filling out and submitting the form back it is very important that in the Discord Name field that you enter your actual Discord username. If you do not do this then our little bots won't know what user to assign the Playtester Role to.

To make sure you are using your Discord name please click on on your name in the Discord and this will show you your username followed by some numbers.