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Arcane Wonders Posts Critical Mass Preview

Most of my friends and I are ridiculously ready for October. Personally, I'm really excited for the cold, crisp mornings and the changing colors on the trees. I really need to make a pumpkin pie just because. Meanwhile, the folks at Arcane Wonders are thrilled about October because that's when Critical Mass comes out. They've posted up a new preview talking about all the mech-on-mech action the game holds.

From the webiste:

October is almost upon us! We have been busy behind-the-scenes over here at Arcane Wonders, and it is time to show off the fruits of our labor. This October, Arcane Wonders has four new games coming out to local game stores near you!

We have a ton of things to talk about, so we’re going to be highlighting one new release each week remaining this September. Today we’re going to be talking about our first launch of October: Critical Mass!