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Arcane Wonders Announces The Secret Neighbor Party Game

The Secret Neighbor Party Game's description seems like it's Tom Wait's - What's He Building and turning it into a tabletop game. Actually, it's based on a popular set of video games. But suffice to say, it's all about trying to figure out what the spooky neighbor down the street is doing while not getting caught. Who can you trust? Who can you rely on? And who's a Secret Neighbor? That's up to you to find out.

From the announcement:

Arcane Wonders (Texas, USA) in partnership with tinyBuild (Washington, USA), Evolution (California, USA) and Genuine Entertainment (California, USA) are excited to announce the upcoming tabletop game Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game designed by Ariel Rubin and Juliana Patel.

Building off the wildly successful Hello Neighbor and Secret Neighbor video games this social deduction game brings the world of Hello Neighbor to the real world. Plucking from classics like Werewolf and The Resistance, this new game requires no narrator and no eliminations, ensuring everyone at the table remains engaged!

5-10 players take on the roles of either one of the neighborhood kids, the treacherous neighbor or even a secret neighbor. As one of the kids you will need to use your items wisely if you are to locate the keys and unlock the door to win, but beware as not only are the neighbors at the table trying to trick you into voting to let them use a key, but one of your fellow kids is actually a SECRET NEIGHBOR!

If even one neighbor convinces the kids to let them use a key then the neighbors have won, so the kids must use all of their deduction skills to figure who they can trust!

Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game will be available everywhere early October 2020 with a limited number of copies available during GenCon Virtual.