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Arcana Creations Running Ballista Adventures RPG Kickstarter

Pre-generated adventures take a lot of pressure off of a GM. They've already done a lot of the heavy-lifting in terms of creating a gaming session. Maps, treasure, monsters, NPCs, they really give you a bit of everything. Arcana Creations is currently running a Kickstarter for their Ballista Adventures, a series of adventures designed for 5th Edition.

From the campaign:

The concept behind the Ballista line has changed a lot from inception to implementation. The purpose of this campaign is to properly launch a new gaming line which is compatible with various editions of the world's most popular RPG as well as its relatives and simulacra. With that in mind, the goal of this campaign is the publication of FIVE gaming modules which will need very little additional rule books to actually play.

It is important to stress that Ballista is not a new game system. As written, these modules are compatible with systems like Castles & Crusades, Swords & Wizardry, and many others. However, included in every book on the inside cover is a basic rule set to allow you to run the adventure WITHOUT the need of a rule book if one isn't close at hand. All you would really need beyond the book are some characters, dice, and some friends!

When Arcana Creations started out, in partnership with Brave Halfling Publishing, we released three modules for Castles & Crusades and two of those were subsequently released for Swords & Wizardry in electronic format. These were The Secret of Ronan Skerry, The Ruins of Ramat, and A Trick on the Tain. When they were first released, they were well received but the release was small and limited.

These three modules have been updated and, in some cases, overhauled for the new Ballista line. In addition to these three, we are releasing two new, never-before-published, adventures to round up our selection of five adventures. These are Mystery at Morfurt and Hide in Plain Sight.

The great news about the production of the modules is that the majority of the work is already done! The first three modules are finished and ready to go. The last two modules have already had extensive editing work done on them and are in various stages of layout.

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with still 30 days left to go.