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Anyworld RPG System Up On Kickstarter

Fantasy. Sci-fi. Modern. Noir. Superhero. There's a lot of RPG settings out there you could play in. But most of the time, that involves having to learn an entirely new system. But with Anyworld, you don't have to fiddle with new rules sets. It's an RPG system designed to be universal in however you want to play. And yes, it did catch my eye specifically because of the big, armored bear in the main image.

From the campaign:

Have you ever had an idea for a campaign, but no idea which system to use for it? Have you ever had the urge to create your own setting, but no idea where to start? Perhaps your idea doesn't easily fit into the standard genres most games are designed around, or is a hybrid of multiple genres. If you're anything like me, this situation is all too familiar and is what inspired me to create the Anyworld Tabletop Roleplaying System.

In Anyworld players can create any kind of character they can imagine, from this world or from somewhere completely different. Anyworld gives you the tools to spark your creativity and take your Games Nights to the next level! 

We all live busy lives so Anyworld has been designed to get you playing as quickly as possible. Anyworld is fast, each roll matters and progresses the narrative. The basic character creation process can be completed in 5-10 mins. However, like all aspects of the game, the process is highly configurable, allowing for the creation of common folk, superheroes, demigods and everything in between. The primary goal of Anyworld is to provide everything a GM should ever need, in a single book.

The campaign's really close to its funding goal with 11 days left to go.