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AntiMatter Games Previews Dimensional Hound from Uncharted Realms

AntiMatter Games is prepping for a new Kickstarter campaign to expand their miniatures lines. Of course, people want to know what they're gonna get, but you can't just show off everything at once. Where's the fun in that!? No, we're only getting a look at the Dimensional Hound in this preview. I'm all for babypuppies, but I'm not sure this one would want a chew-bone and a skritch behind the ears (it doesn't even look like it has ears).

From the post:

Here is a sneak peek at a 3D model from the new Uncharted Realms Kickstarter coming next month. This is the Dimensional Hound, a nasty being of the void that can be summoned by an Ethermancer and sent into battle.


  Paul at Jan-9 20
So it's kind of a Tindalos Hound? Looks freakin' awesome!