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Another Game Company Running Ninja Ninja Card Game Kickstarter

No, that headline isn't just me being uninterested. There's a new dexterity card game up on Kickstarter by the company Another Game Company. The name of the game is Ninja Ninja. Play cards. Fling ninja starts. Prove you're the most deadly-accurate ninja on the planet.

From the campaign:

Ninja Ninja is a highly strategic card and throwing foam stars game that everyone can play. Decks are made up of standard cards, challenge cards, master ninja cards, body cards with stands and foam throwing stars.  Playing time: 60-90mins.

Ninja Ninja's play rounds to capture other cards. Playing a Ninja Ninja throwing card allows you to take out the competition by throwing ninja ninja stars at other playing cards on stands. If you don't master the art of throwing Ninja Ninja foam stars and you miss, then the opponent gets your Ninja Ninja star. This is where your inner Ninja Ninja skills come in. The game gets more involved as stars are exchanged and more player cards are lost in Ninja Ninja battle!

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 29 days.