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Ankama Launches Krosmaster Blast Board Game Kickstarter

Ankama has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Krosmaster Blast, their new tactical skirmish board game. While the game is a stand-alone, it's also 100% compatible with Krosmaster Arena, so if you've already got a stash of those figures hanging out, you can add a whole mess of new characters to it.

From the campaign:

Control unique warriors and battle your friends in fast-paced dynamic games in which your strategy makes all the difference! This explosive game combines tactical combat and area control. Charge head first or devise a trap to catch your opponent? Crush your enemies using sheer strength or control glyphs on the map to score a strategic victory? You must choose... or maybe try both at once!

With your Krosmaster Blast pledge, you have the opportunity to pre-order a full display of the new Krosmaster Arena season: Gloomy Grove!

16 new characters, each of them with unique abilities, fully compatible with both Krosmaster Blast AND Krosmaster Arena! There's nothing like the countryside and the pure country air to grow the most robust fellows in the World of Twelve! No matter what dangers are hiding in the woods, none are a match for the warriors from the Gloomy Groves, such as Soft Oak, Eratz, and Master Bolete. Answer the call of the forest and adopt these forces of nature! Each display contains 12 randomly selected characters (out of 16 possible). This will blast your mind: If you add 1 Gloomy Grove display to your pledge, your shipping fees will not go up! Use this opportunity to increase the replay value of your Krosmaster Blast game with new unique profiles!

The game's about halfway to its funding goal with 27 days left to go.