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Alchemental: Rise of the Celestial Spheres Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I mean, the real world is alright and all, but what about the realms that seem forever beyond our reach? What if "forever beyond our reach" was just a saying and not actually true? Would you breach through the curtain and take over the celestial throne? That's what you'll be trying to do in Alchemental: Rise of the Celestial Spheres, a new fantasy card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

There are universes and worlds that we cannot see but can feel; there are creatures and beings that we sense but with whom we never communicate; there are faeries and magick and wonder and awe; darkness and light and truth and legend; there are forces at work as limitless as our imaginations and our fears; so I ask you: Who dares brave the truth of these worlds?  Who dares enter the Celestial Sphere and claim its throne?

Welcome to Alchemental: Rise of the Celestial Sphere, a fantasy card game that defies tradition and sets you on an adventure against one or many. (We love playing with four people)!

What makes Alchemental different than all the other fantasy card games available?

How can it stand out amidst the vastness of the fantasy card game seas? 

I asked myself these two critical questions and after a year of extensive research my rendition of a card game was born. I call it SACG- Stand Alone Card Game- meaning you will not be chasing down rare cards or feeling frustration over randomized booster packs (buying ten of them only to realize you did not get that one card you wanted so bad...) 

Alchemental: Rise of the Celestial Sphere comes with everything you need to play immediately. It offers an immersive experience with its rich lore and mythology, with over 500 lush artworks unique to its story, you will find yourself awakened in a reimagining of the familiar.

Expansions and more cards will be available in the future, (some are add-ons to this campaign) but you won't have to buy those if you don't want to; though I hope you will :) 

Similar to tcg, ccg, deck builder, and other variations of card games? Yes, of course we are, but I've also conjoined other secret elixirs making Alchemental a truly unique gaming experience.

The campaign's around 2/3 of the way to its goal with 9 days left to go.