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Airships: North Pole Quest Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Lighter than air craft have captured people's imaginations for centuries. In the early to mid 20th century, it seemed like these airships would take over and dominate the skies. Airships: North Pole Quest takes you to that heady time and lets you pilot your own ship across the globe. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Why would a design firm follow up what might be the most beautiful book of all time on Airships and the people who flew them: “Airships | Designed for Greatness, the Illustrated History” by creating a game? 

Because we fell in love with the stories. We realized how everything in those stories–design, mechanics, weather, genius, ambition, luck, and more–integrated to make the stories greater than the sum of their parts. And we realized that the only way to encourage people to engage with the deep humanity of these stories is to "climb into the skin" of the Airship commanders and face many of the same decisions they did. 

A game can bring the stories to life. And make them your stories too!

Airships: North Pole Quest will take you back to 1924, the golden years of airships, when nations started aiming for the Arctic, the last inviolate frontier, and for its symbol: the North Pole. Yes, this was about prestige, but also of great opportunities, strategic explorations, and trade routes to be opened. The news media and people all over the world thrilled at stories of new aerial records broken, and of the daring successes (and tragic losses) of famed aviators–and a few great aviatrixes too! Now you can immerse yourself in this period so deeply you can taste it.

We wanted to create more than just an enjoyable and beautiful game, but make it a great homage to an entire Epoch. Nations facing the unknown, trusting the progress of technology. Ships and icebreakers carry equipment and men towards the developed Arctic bases. Immense airships take off, among great ovations from the crowds, darkening the skies. Will they reach their destination? It is up to you!

The campaign's around 6/7 of the way to their goal with 27 days to go.


  selene.npdh at 292 days ago
Il me semble avoir déjà vu un jeu similaire...