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Airship Campaigns RPG Supplement and Minis Up On Kickstarter

The sky's the limit when you head out in an airship. And if you're looking to add some high-flying action to your 5th Edition D&D games, along with a cool setting otherwise, and some minis for it all, you should check out the Airship Campaigns Kickstarter campaign, happening now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to the world of Sordane. A living and growing world in the many imaginations of our amazing backers from our first campaign, Skies of Sordane

My name is Benny McLennan. Over the last year, I have connected with a countless number of you due to the success of the first campaign and your growing love of the world of Sordane. 

With the amazing support of over 5,500 backers and late backers from Skies of Sordane, we went on to develop a fully coloured, and fleshed out, 5th edition supplement PDF for running your own airship campaigns selling almost 2,000 digital copies! Now, it's time to get it into the physical form.

This campaign is a prelimary foray into the world of creating printed products for our faithful customers and backers. We have ambitious plans to flesh out the ever growing world of Sordane in the future. Many, many, plans. And they all start here. If we are successful with this campaign, it will jump start the content creation division of Arcane Minis. We will be able to create more lore, adventures, items and art for all of you outside of even this Kickstarter. 

We will continue to tie in all elements of our world and products into each other to give our backers a rich world to explore.

As the Featured Image tells you, the campaign funded pretty quickly. So, it's flying through stretch goals for the next 29 days.