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Age of Steam: Deluxe Edition Up On Kickstarter

Eagle-Gryphon Games is looking to bring you something better, something nicer, something deluxe. Many of you have played Age of Steam, the classic railroad-building game. Well, there's a new Deluxe Edition up on Kickstarter that gives you things like 6 maps, revamped artwork all around, a heavy-duty box made to carry everything for the game, a new box insert, and more.

From the campaign:

  • You are backing and you will receive a copy of the artistically-rejuvenated classic railroad game -- Age of Steam! 
  • Ian O’Toole, celebrated games artist and graphics designer, has completely re-envisioned and re-created the art and graphics of the box, map boards, display boards, all tiles, and the overall color scheme of the game
  • The fundamental game rules and gameplay remain the same – great as they always have been
  • Many Deluxe features have been added by Eagle-Gryphon Games!
  • Six maps are included on 3 double-sided game boards 
  • Mini-sized (22mm) poker chips have replaced paper money
  • Classic wooden Track Ownership disks in 6 new player colors replace plastic trains, but cool, small (18mm) wooden trains are available as an inexpensive upgrade
  • A PVC insert with a clear plastic cover has been added for convenient and clear storage of all components
  • A huge, heavy-duty box is supplied to carry the weight of potentially 10 map boards, 3 new supply boards, 90 poker chips, 144 tiles, and the other new components (see below). This box is a bit bigger and heavier than those we use for the Vital Lacerda games of Lisboa, Gallerist and Vinhos!
  • The new MSRP of this game will be $90, but you can pledge for it during this Kickstarter campaign for only $67!

The campaign's more than 3x funded with still 14 days left to go.