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Agatha Christie's Death on the Cards Now Available

A murderer is on the loose. Everyone is looking to find out who it is, but they also have their own skeletons in their closet that they want to keep secret. Everyone's a suspect. In the end, will justice be served or will the murderer escape into the night? That's up to you to find out in Agatha Christie's Death on the Cards, now available from Modiphius.

From the website:

Today we’re delighted to announce that our intriguing new murder-mystery card game Agatha Christie's Death on the Cards, is in stock and is ready to ship today!

Order now to get this great new card game in plenty of time for Christmas - it's makes a perfect gift or will be fantastic to play on Christmas day as all the family gather around to unmask the killer in their midst. You can also pick up this from selected retailers like Waterstones.

In Agatha Christie Death on the Cards you must use your own detective skills to uncover the murderer - however the path of justice won’t be that simple, for you all have deep dark secrets you want to keep hidden all the while you’re trying to shine the light of truth onto this dastardly deed!