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Adventuring With Pride D&D Supplement Up On Kickstarter

We're inclusive here on TGN. Everyone should be able to get involved in gaming. Everyone should feel welcomed and included at the table. That's also the thought of those behind Adventuring with Pride, a new LGBT-themed supplement for D&D that includes one-shot adventures, pre-made characters, NPCs, and lots of new gear. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

D&D is an incredible game and a hobby which brings people together from all walks of life. I've always wanted to create a project that combines my twin passions of D&D and the LGBT community. Which is how Adventuring with Pride - an LGBT Themed D&D 5E Supplement - came about.

Adventuring with Pride is a full-colour, 50+ page book for the 5th Edition of the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game, available in both PDF and Hardback. The book contains: 

  • Three One-Shot adventures!
  • Three Pre-Made Characters and a ton of NPCs!
  • More than a dozen unique themed items! 

 We have commissioned some incredible artists for this project: Some pieces, including Vicki Mockery, are from the amazingly talented Abbigayle Bircham (@abbiesart on Twitter). Others are from the wonderful Katerina Gorinskaia (@leo_lenti_art on Instagram).

As you can see from the feature, the campaign's over its funding goal with 27 days left to go.