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Adventures in Austerion RPG Up On Kickstarter

Adventures in Austerion is a new fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now. Yes, it's an RPG, even though it looks like it's a board game. It simply uses a lot of board game elements to help the RPG along, like boards, cards, and dice. It's also meant to play fast, with sessions of just 2-3 hours if you so choose. It's meant as a crossover point for RPG-ers and Board Gamers.

From the campaign:

Adventures in Austerion (AiA) is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG). Mainly designed to explore unfriendly locations in the continent of Austerion, it may be played in fast-paced sessions of 2 or 3 hours. To do so, it relies on a mix of classical RPG rules and board game mechanisms (such as tiles, cards and tokens…). If this approach will help new players to discover RPGs in a comforting and amusing way, it will fulfill the grognards as well, with additional possibilities offered by a set of optional rules that convey an old-school dungeon-crawling feeling.

Adventures in Austerion is set on the continent of Austerion, a fantasy world where most of the land is still uninhabited, although ruins of ancient civilizations that hide from the stranger’s view highlight the long history of the kingdom. Isolation between the peoples has allowed each of them to develop its own culture. In Austerion, struggles are local, taking shape day to day. Each kingdom is unable to see farther than the end of its frontiers, or its neighbor’s. Life is sometimes hard, often good, always wondrous.

In its previous publications, De Architecturart explored the South, wandering the piers of the peaceful island-city of Tahala, ventured into the North, chasing the caravan of Endless-city moving across the northern steppes, delved into the East, meeting the goblins living in the Tal’Tikur city in the heart of the jungle, and ranged over the West, strolling through the pastoral region of Borth.

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 24 days left to go.